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Board of Advisors' Agenda

March 24, 2003
Meeting of the Board of Advisors for The Players League


Call meeting to order / Introduction Scott Robertson

Reading of Minutes from last meeting  (and their approval)  Chuck Farinella

Officerís report  Chuck Farinella

1.        Business report

a.        FY 2002 report

b.        Treasurerís report

                                                                            i.      Balance

                                                                           ii.      Uncollected dues

c.        Forecasted earnings

2.        League report

a.        Handicap efficiency

b.        Home field Advantage

c.        Favorite wins

Committee reports

Special Orders     Competitive conference bye

Unfinished Business (Old)

                Item 2       Review of league services letter

Item 3       Team captains calling certain fouls (Tabled from last meeting pending more information) 5 Votes

New Business

                Item 5       Calling the 9 ball  5 Votes

                Item 9       Anthony Hollenbach suspension / fallout  4 Votes

                Item 10     MVP award for best individual performance during playoffs  4 Votes

                Item 11     Conversation on reducing match length  4 Votes

                Item  8      Non-Competitive re-entry line.  3 Votes

                Item 6       Runner up plaques for rooms of first and second place teams  2 Votes

                Item 7       Minimum game requirement for prizes and playoff eligibility 1 Vote



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