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The Players’ League was created to benefit:

  • The Industry which supports the pocket billiard community.
  • The Players by providing an equitable and competitive system in which their skill development can be enhanced.
  • and The Game by instilling qualities of proper etiquette and good sportsmanship.

This web site introduces the Players’ League, our League Store, and Current Standings including League Statistics. The year round activities by our Board of Advisors can be followed. And our Pool 'rnd the Burgh section provides information about Tournaments and Leagues which occur in and around Pittsburgh’s tri-state area. Our Pool Forum provides an-online discussion of a variety of billiard topics.

Latest News

We have recently evolved our 9-ball system to employ an individual player rating that improves the fairness for players of all skill levels.

Each player has an individual player rating that is displayed in the current standings that is an established historical projection and gets adjusted according to their performance throughout the season. Each match consists of 31 racks, split up into 3 sets of 10, 10 and then 11 games. Each team must have a minimum of 4 players for each match played. Each player can play a maximum of 9 games in a match and 5 for a set. Before each set, the team captain sets the line-up along with ratings of the available players. When the roster for the 3rd set is complete captains add up the cumulative player ratings for each team. Then using a simple formula captains calculate the number of games needed to be won by each team to determine the final match line. The important aspect of this developed system is that at any given match you are rated on the players that are present and how often they are used. It's easy, it works and it's fair!

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